I’ve read amazing things about the Bella Band.  I read you can buy it now and use it throughout your pregnancy…and even after you give birth.  Its website and other pregnant moms have touted it is the must-have wardrobe item.  Since I don’t think it’s appropriate to unbutton my pants at work [but only because I work in a cube and standing up to button them again before walking around might distract my neighbors], I thought I would buy one.

Ladies, let me tell you something no one else mentions:  if you have curves, this is a difficult apparatus to wear.  It worked wonders holding up my unbuttoned pants over my belly.  But it would roll up over my backside.  Standing and buttoning my pants in my cube might be less distracting than reaching up under my shirt and unrolling an unidentifiable black band before walking to the printer.

I haven’t given up all hope, though.  Standing with my pants buttoned is still working, but as soon as they need to be unbuttoned when standing I might try the band again.  I am not ready to walk into the maternity store yet.