Today was the day!  We had our first appointment to confirm the pregnancy.  There was a moment where I was worried they would make me pee in a cup and tell me I wasn’t pregnant…just getting fat and cranky.

Just when we started talking about getting pregnant I realized I wanted to change doctors.  My old doctors’ office was a group of women, but I only saw one. She was amazing.  She made me feel comfortable in “that” position, would always give me tons of free samples because I was a teacher, and genuinely seemed to care about me as a person.  Last year she told me she was leaving the practice to teach at Georgetown and open a practice in DC.  I considered driving all the way out there; I mean it is only once a month.

As pregnancy seemed to be in my near future, I decided it was time to find another practice.  I also knew I wanted to deliver at the Loudoun Birthing Inn.  I also began to think about a midwife instead of a medical doctor.  After thinking, researching, and talking to a friend who uses them, I decided on Loudoun Community Midwives.

Hayden and I went to this visit with some questions, a lot of nervous energy, and a video camera.  This poor child will have his/her life documented during every moment.  He/She should just be happy we started now and not a few weeks ago.  🙂

Everything seems to be going well and we even requested an ultrasound to date the pregnancy [read that as:  I wanted to see something!].  Hayden took video of the occasion, as I will continue to do when he is gone and I have appointments.

Please enjoy the video!  We are officially 7 weeks and 2 days.

Video:  Our First Ultrasound [Dad said he had problems with the video.  If you do too, try this link.]