During our doctor visit yesterday I got the usual list of what I can and shouldn’t eat and drink.  Most of the list I had already read about online and in books.  I am, I would like to think, a well-informed person.  As soon as we got the positive sign I started drinking decaf coffee, stopped drinking soda with caffeine, and have stayed away from the mercury laden fish.

WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW is that I would have to give up my steaks cooked medium.  WHAT?  Well done steaks?  I love steak; I love steak cooked MEDIUM.  I am sacrificing a lot with this pregnancy:  wine, Diet Coke, tuna…and now juicy steak?

I told Hayden I was writing about this tonight and he protested.  For dinner tonight we had very good, juicy steak.  He ate his medium; he cooked mine well done.  I have to admit, it was very good.  But his just looked a little better.