Hayden, my best friend, left on Saturday.  Friday night the water-works began.  I blame it on the crazy hormones raging through my body.  That and I’m a little sad to have him gone for so long.  I woke up Saturday and would just break into tears: when he was making breakfast, when I was giving the dog medicine, when the phone would ring.  I was a mess.  Hayden, in his infinite wisdom, said, “Let’s get you shopping or something.”  [That’s one reason I married that man ;)]

I think about all the small things he’ll miss while he’s gone, but then I try to imagine ways to keep him involved.  That’s why we both have video cameras, and digital cameras, and Skype, and phones, and email.  Thank goodness for technology.  We were in Target last week and I asked to stop by the maternity section.  It was overwhelming.  Neither of us knew what we were looking at, what the sizes meant, or how any of it worked.  We walked out of the department without trying on anything or buying anything.

Since that experience was a little too much, I was worried about doing it alone when he was gone.  When he suggested we “go shopping or something” I took him up on it.  My lucky husband went to Motherhood Maternity with me.  Bless him.  He really is wonderful.

I wanted to get some shirts to wear to work.  Before all this crazy stuff started happening to my body I had a small waist.  That means most of my shirts are a little form-fitting.  Once all my organs started moving north these shirts accentuated my expanding waistline.  Hayden patiently waited while I tried on a million shirts, most of which I would walk out of the dressing room asking, “Doesn’t this just make me look pregnant??”  To which he would remind me I was pregnant.

[On a side note, I had NO IDEA they had little velcro bellies in the dressing room to put on with your clothes.  All the small things you don’t read about in books or online!]

I had so much fun shopping with Hayden on Saturday, my girlfriends said they would go shopping with me on Sunday.  Please note, these ladies are saints.  It was Sunday, of a long weekend, at the outlet mall, right before school starts.  Parking was as difficult as Black Friday.  Thankfully, the maternity store wasn’t busting at the seams with people.

My goal today was work pants.  I found four pairs that should get me through for a while.  I also picked up my Redskins t-shirt so I know I can support my team through the end of the season in style.  Overall, it was a great trip.  [And today I did try on the belly…it was very misshapen and looked like I was trying to shoplift a large kaiser roll.]

I was going to add some pictures today of the cute clothes I bought.  But I realized Hayden took the camera cord with him.  I’ll have to try to get one on ebay so I can download my pictures.