While Hayden was still in town we visited four day care centers in the area.  I had done my research and came up with questions to ask at each center.  The best part about our visits was seeing all the little kids!  There some really flirtatious little boys in those centers.  Too cute!

After visiting all four we came up with our list of the top three.  Right now we are waiting to see if we will be moving next November.  If we are, we probably won’t put the G Baby in day care.  But, if we are going to be around for awhile we need to make this decision and get on a wait list.

1.  Kinderworks.  This is right around the corner from where we live.  Besides being close, we both really like the teachers in the infant room.  This is the day care that had the open house one weekend. We also went back during the week to see the teachers in action.

Kinderworks teaches Baby Sign Language, which I really like.  They also have video cameras in each room so family can log on using a secure site and watch the kids! We would get five accounts to share with grandparents and siblings!

Once the kids get out of the infant room they move around between rooms a lot and have different activities in each space:  language arts, science, math, and gym [all age appropriate, of course, and with specialized teachers].  The only tuition option is 5 days a week; this is the most expensive day care for infants.

2.  Kindercare.  This center is about 10 minutes from our house.  This school was very open and light and the associate director we spoke with was very welcoming. The infant room was clean and bright, and the teacher was friendly.  They do not teach Baby Sign Language or have video cameras, and the kids are in the same room all day.

The bright spot about this center is the flexible tuition.  We could bring Baby G two days a week, three days a week, or five days a week either for full days or half days. If we stay in the area after Hayden returns, maybe I could work part-time and the flexible schedule here would allow us to pay only for the day care we would use.  This tuition is the cheapest of the three for infant care.

3.  Winwood.  This center is about 15 minutes away from our house.  It seemed like the other two centers were a little newer and brighter.  Winwood does teach Baby Sign Language and has the video cameras like Kinderworks.  Tuition here is only for 5 days a week and ranks number 2 price-wise.

Right now we are just waiting to see where we will be living at the end of 2010.  I think we have some really great day care centers in the area.  I would love to stay home with Baby G, but I just don’t think we can afford to live in this area on only one salary.  The decision will be to go to our number one center, but pay more; or choose number 2 or 3 and pay a little less.  Oh, the decisions we will have to make!