The last few days have been really rough.  We took Bailey to the vet on the Thursday before Hayden left.  He was biting at himself and scratching like crazy.  He did this two years ago and needed medicine for his allergies.  This time he got gel for his eyes, drops for his ears, and two different pills to take.  Surprisingly, the eye gel is not a problem for him; dogs must have different feeling in their eyes.

The vet warned us the pills would make him very thirsty, thus requiring him to go outside more often.  The first two days were no problem at all.  By day three, all hell was breaking loose in my house.

I woke up one morning and started to walk downstairs to the first floor to let Bailey outside.  As I was approaching the steps, I almost slipped and fell…in dog pee! GROSS.  I cleaned it up and was just thankful he peed on the wood floors and not on the carpet.

In the past three days Bailey has peed another five times in the house.  These last five times have all been in front of the front door, on the tile.  Again, I’m thankful he hasn’t been going on the carpet.  What a nightmare that would be to clean up.  But seriously, I will be sitting on the couch and he will walk downstairs and just pee. Like he has forgotten how to tell me, scratch on the door, or even hold it!

I was gone for seven hours today.  On the way home I asked dad to stop at Target so I could get a mop and some pee pads for dogs.  If he is going to pee on the floor, maybe I can get him to pee on the pee pad. [And no, we don’t own a mop. Mercedes brings her own when she cleans the house!]  I got home…and NO PEE! He didn’t pee in the house!  I haven’t ever been so happy about him not peeing in the house!  For the rest of the night, no peeing in the house.

I hope we are past this stage.  Everyone says it is just getting me ready for my kids to pee on me, in my house, all over the walls [if a boy].  My only comment to that is at least I’ll be with the kid when he/she does it.  If my newborn starts crawling down the stairs to pee in the foyer, I might be a bad mother.