Seriously.  I’m very confused.

Each week I get an update from telling me which week we are in. This week I got a notice telling me all about week 9 of pregnancy.  That makes sense because I thought last week was week 8, the week before that week 7, and so on.

Today, however, on a BabyCenter message board, everyone confused me.  One woman mentioned she just got the notice about week 11 and didn’t know if she just finished week 11 or was just entering week 11. I don’t even know why I opened the post because in my mind it was pretty clear:  she was in week 11.  Boy was I wrong. All the comments told her if she is 11 weeks 2 days, then technically she has made it through 11 weeks and is now 12 weeks pregnant.

Part of my preggo brain understands that, but most of it doesn’t.  Tomorrow I will be 9 weeks 0 days.  Wednesday I will be 9 weeks 1 day.  So, technically, am in my 10th week?  Am I 9 or 10 weeks pregnant?  I HAVE NO IDEA.

They claim women get “baby brain,” but now I think people just try to confuse us with weird calculations.  I counted backwards from my due date and I believe I’m 9 weeks pregnant; I don’t care what everyone on BabyCenter says.