Yeah, I went shopping again. I can’t wear the same shirts to work every week. If so, I could just pull out my “Monday” shirt, “Tuesday” shirt, etc. Black pants are black pants; I can wear those all the time.

JC Penny:  The maternity clothes are right next to the women’s section. Did they think, “Let’s put all the big clothes in one section”? The maternity clothes are on about five racks, which makes it hard to distinguish between them and the women’s clothes.

Old Navy: They put the maternity clothes with the baby clothes. WHAT? That doesn’t seem logical to me. They had long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, cardigans, and sweaters. And really only one style of each. Not much of a selection at all.

Kohl’s: They put their maternity clothes upstairs IN the intimates area. Is this to tease the men who go shopping with their pregnant wives? “Look around men, you won’t be seeing this stuff for at least two years!” Again, hardly any selection and it was hard to maneuver around all the bras and panties.

I know there are maternity stores dedicated solely to pregnant women. But Kohl’s has a sale every weekend; that’s where I want to shop. Why can’t I peruse through 10 racks of clothes? Why can’t I decide between 10 different styles of shirt? Where is the justice in this world? I look around and see a lot of pregnant women…we all go shopping!