Last week I wanted to find out the sex of Baby G. This week I don’t. I warned Hayden I would change my mind a million times before December, when we should be able to find out during our 20 week ultrasound…if we want. But, as I’m flip-flopping all over the place, I am not opposed to many of the old wives’ tales out there.

Today I tried the “put your wedding ring on a strand of your hair and dangle it over your belly” test.  It rocked back and forth, which means boy. Of course we want a healthy baby, but we both really want a healthy baby boy. So this experiment today made me excited.

I’m also far enough along to try the IntelliGender test.  They claim an accuracy rate of 82%-90%. Let’s just say I won’t run out and paint the nursery after I take it. I’m thinking tomorrow might be the day for test #2.