Yesterday I had my regular 12 week doctors visit (at 13 weeks). Using the Doppler, the midwife was able to hear Baby G’s heartbeat. When you listen to the audio the regular “swooshing” sound is my heartbeat.  I can really only hear the background heartbeat about 45 seconds in.  It is much faster.  The midwife said it was 160 bpm.

Today was the Neuchal Translucency test. There was blood work involved, but the best part was the ultrasound. The ultrasound tech was amazing. After getting the initial measurements, the tech noted my very full bladder and let me run to the restroom. She then took a bunch of pictures and let me see Baby G moving around like crazy! The Baby was kicking, covering his face with his hands, and rolling over. It was amazing. Even though I didn’t want to find out the sex, I was looking more between his/her legs than I was at the head! I didn’t see anything telling, but I think the overall “look” of the baby is a boy. That’s my gut feeling. He is, after all, a whole 3 inches long!

And here are a few stills:
full body

3D baby