Today I went for my monthly visit. I am 17 weeks 5 days pregnant. We did the usual weight (not telling) and blood pressure (very good). I got the results of the NT ultrasound and our Down’s Syndrome ratio–they are very good numbers. Something like 1:8700 based on the ultrasound and 1:2500 or something for my age. The first round of blood work was good and they took more blood today to finish the testing.

But to get to the really good part, I heard the baby’s heartbeat again today. This time it was clear as day; no interference from my heartbeat. AND, we can delay the 20 week ultrasound until the 23rd week. That means Hayden will be home! I am so excited. The first ultrasound was so special to see. I felt so sad that Hayden wasn’t there to see it. But the big one, the ONE, the “is it a girl baby or boy baby”…he’ll be there!

It’s hard when you only want an audio recording but you have a video camera. Please don’t pay attention to the advertisement on the wall. That is not what you should be paying attention to…just listen!