Today was going well. Normal work day, normal activities, normal tiredness. Then it happened…

Apparently I’m not as in control of my emotions and attitude as I thought. Apparently, I’m that normal, hormonal bi-atch.

Example 1: A former coworker tells me they miss me. I turned to her and told her I wish I could return the sentiments. Then turned back to what I was doing until she walked away. (Yeah, I didn’t just think it, I actually said it out loud. What happened to my filter?)

Example 2: A current coworker comments my handling of a difficult client has gone from “brushing her off” to “out of control antagonistic” in the past five months.  Yep, I’m five months preggers.

Example 3: I’m told I have to justify my request for a two week vacation at Christmas (you know, when my husband is home…with the leave I earned) and I actually said, “Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I have to go.” Because I knew what was going through my head was about to come out my mouth.

Example 4: After all of the above I went out to my car and cried in the parking garage. You know, because I can always blame it on the hormones.