Oh wait, Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet. Oh well. I usually decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving and this usually occurs in one day. At the end of that day I’m exhausted and promise myself I won’t do it all in one day again. So, finally, I took my own advice. I figured the baby bump would slow me down a little.

I brought the Christmas decorations over from my parents’ house a week or two ago. (I’m not sure why the movers didn’t bring over the decorations!) This took five trips from the basement to the car, then five trips from the car to inside our house, then five trips upstairs to the living room. That was enough for one weekend.

Sunday I was about to begin putting up the tree when I realized I didn’t have my tree skirt. Back to my parents’ house to grab two more trips worth of stuff. I put up the Christmas tree and decorated the mantel. To plug in the lights around the garland on the mantel required me to stand on a chair, move the tv to one side, realize the plug was on the other side of the opening, move the chair again, move the tv again, and plug in the extension cord. Then the chair/tv exchange again to get the lights plugged into the extension cord. But, the result is pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

We are doing all the Christmases at our house this year (yes, there is always more than one, but this year only two instead of last year’s three) so I got all the family stockings. The mantel looks good with seven stockings (that’s including Bailey’s and NOT Baby G’s…mom!). That means we need to have five kids, Hayden 🙂

The ornaments will hit the tree this weekend and then I might wait until the next weekend to move all the empty boxes and containers back down to the basement.


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care