What a great weekend this has been. Friday was my flex day, so I filled it shopping and resting. Saturday it started snowing early and didn’t stop until late in the day. Bailey and I hung out most of the day cooking and baking.

Sunday Kate, Liz, and I went to the Saints vs. Redskins game. It was COLD outside, but the game was good. The Redskins played really well and almost beat the undefeated Saints. Thankfully (since I was wearing a Saints jersey) the Saints are 12-0. There was some sort of medical emergency in the stands next to us, where the woman had to be taken out on a backboard. And, it was so cold we decided to leave early (while the Skins were still winning) and thus I couldn’t bask in the glory of the win. BUT, we did stop at Maggiano’s on the way home. YUM!

Do I really have to go to work tomorrow? Only 15 days until Hayden comes home!