Let me start out by saying I’m okay. I’m home, writing this, and I’m okay. But I had a little accident today. Let me set the scene…

I was at work. I’m working on a very large project. This project has many different audiences and different modules. My team and I had sketched out one track of the training on our whiteboard covered wall. This track was adorned with multimedia’s thoughts, with the system engineer’s thoughts, and with ancillary instructional designer thoughts. It was cluttered and ugly. I think my nesting instinct kicked in and I erased the board. Since the wall is covered in whiteboard paper, it takes the special Expo cleaner to make it look pretty and white. The smell was a little overpowering, so when I finished cleaning the board I left the room for a while.

Fast forward to 2:50 pm. I decided to go in and begin to storyboard our project. The walls where perfect and white, I had really good whiteboard markers, and I was energized to map everything out. To make everything fit, I used a step stool to reach high up on the wall. I taped up one section of a track and tried to climb down the step stool.

The two-step step stool.

I don’t think I made it one step. The next thing I knew I was falling. I tried to catch myself on the conference room table; didn’t work. I tried to reach for the floor with my leg; didn’t work. I fell, and fell hard. I landed on my left wrist/forearm, then my left knee hit, then I ended up on my back. The step stool is one of those that rolls around, but when you put your weight on it, it clicks down to a stationary position. It is also metal and makes a lot of noise. So, my coworkers must have heard CLANK, CLANK, KERPLUNK, CLANK. I didn’t scream (to my credit).

As I’m on the floor, I hear a coworker yell, “Are you okay?” I tried to answer, but didn’t want anyone to know I was crying. I was okay, it just scared me. I opened my eyes and saw four coworkers in the doorway concerned. As I was fighting back tears, I was telling them I’m okay. But they wouldn’t let me move.

A nurse who works on the floor below as an instructor came in. Then the building nurse came in. Then the security officer came in. Thankfully, most of my coworkers left the room to give us all space. My boss called my brother to come get me. I got my vitals checked, my doctor was called, and all the while I’m on the floor because no one would let me get up.

The ambulance was called…I would have been fine going to my doctor to check on the baby. Instead, I got a free ride to the hospital. Adam followed in his car and hung out with me while I was in the hospital. He was also kind enough to take a picture of me in the ambulance as he was following us. He also sent me a text message with a picture of him in the waiting room so he could prove to mom and dad he was actually there.

See mom, he is there!

They took me straight to Labor and Delivery. They allowed Adam to come up since he was my only family. We had to keep telling all the nurses (three shift changes) that he was my brother. Everyone assumed he was my husband. (We are both married…just not to each other!) Believe me, Adam didn’t want to see what was going on under my hospital gown.

I got an IV after two attempts. I have huge veins and never have problems with nurses sticking me, until today. I was wheeled to the ultrasound room and Adam got to come too. I made sure to tell the sonographer that I didn’t want to know the sex so that she wouldn’t use any pronouns when referring to the baby. She took a million measurements. We got to see the bones in the arms, in the legs, the heart, the kidneys, the bladder, the brain…everything. She gave me a few pictures to take home.



I was then wheeled back to my room which was a delivery room. I told the nurse I wasn’t ready to be in a delivery room yet! They listened to the heartbeat about four times during my stay and it was a steady 140. I also had some blood drawn for a CBC and KB. Finally, after FOUR hours, I was allowed to go home. Who keeps a pregnant lady in the hospital until 8:30 and doesn’t let her eat!?

So, everything is fine. The baby is great. I wanted to be discharged, so I didn’t go down to the emergency room to have my arm and knee checked out. They both work; I can move them; I’m fine. I’m pretty sore tonight and wonder if I’ll be able to get out of bed tomorrow, but WE are fine.

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