Christmas morning Hayden and I were up at 4:45am! We were so excited it was finally Christmas. Mom was up shortly after us and we all settled in for some coffee (hot chocolate for me) and the breakfast casserole we made the day before. As I was getting excited about finally opening presents, mom said we should wait for dad to call on Skype so he could join us for the opening of our presents.

Finally, dad called and we started the process. I had a bunch of carrots in my stocking, which turned out to be the theme of Christmas for me this year. Hayden got me a beautiful emerald and diamond bracelet. He also brought home three loose ruby stones and one citrine stone. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to design some jewelry with them at our favorite jewelry store:  Dominion Jewelers.

He also bought me a robe I needed. I tried on my pre-pregnancy robe just before Christmas and let’s just say it was anything but flattering! I like the zip-up kind of robes because the wrap-around robes just seem to open when you sit and don’t keep you warm. Well, there are no pregnancy robes out there like this, so he bought me a very large robe that would fit around my belly throughout the pregnancy. I love it, but I do look like an old lady in it. You know your husband really loves you when he buys you a robe that looks like his grandmother’s robe…but gets it for you anyway because he knows you need it (and he tells you that you are beautiful in it!).

Hayden got some things for his room in Afghanistan: a memory foam topper for his mattress, an air purifier so he doesn’t get black lung there, and some other goodies.

From Russia with love, we both got mink hats! They really keep your head warm. We also got some carved Santa’s that are painted beautifully.

The big electronic gift this year was…well, I can’t say because Adam might read the blog and he hasn’t opened his gift yet. Let’s just say it is pretty cool!

Check out some of the pictures from the day. And no, we didn’t change out of our pajamas all day! Click the “view all images” button below. I still can’t get the flash video to show on this site (argh).