Today, the guys from Decks with Style (DWS…not to be confused with the shoe store, DSW) came out to start the deck. Greg called me on Friday at work to ask if they could start today because another job was on hold. I asked him what time he wanted to start, and when he said around 8:00, I just moaned. I think he knew what that meant because the next words out of his mouth were, “Okay, how about 9:30?” Thank you, deck man. Momma wants to sleep in!

What I’ve learned today is that if you are cat and walking anywhere near our house, Bailey will bark his fool head off. As a cat, you can can be 50 yards down the road, walking away from the house, and still get barked at. But, a group of strange men, in our backyard? Not a peep from the Bugga. At some points they were even on ladders and eye level with him on the second floor. His reaction? He slept. I guess from his perspective, I should be more worried about getting my eyes scratched out by a cat than I need to be of strange men breaking into the house.

Day 1