As I was chatting with the guys building our deck, I found out one of them is also from Louisiana. As we were comparing notes about where we grew up, he asked if I had been to the Cajun Experience in Leesburg. Absolutely confused, since nothing good about Louisiana could be found in little ol’ Leesburg, I asked if it was a store or a restaurant. He said it was a really good restaurant serving Po Boys, Crawfish Etouffee, and Beignets. I immediately Googled the restaurant for an address and called Kate to see what she was doing for lunch.

The Cajun Experience is a small restaurant in Old Town Leesburg. Old Town Leesburg has a lot of old houses that have been converted into businesses, and this was no different. As we entered the restaurant we were standing in the “foyer.” There looked to be about four tables in this room and about three or four tables in the “living room.” Our waitress took us upstairs (narrow and winding) to our table in one of the “bedrooms.” Our room had a very large booth and a two-top table. The other bedroom upstairs had about three or four tables. Overall, a very small restaurant.

There was only one waitress working today. When asked, she said they had been open since April and that there are usually two waitress, but the other one called out sick. The owners are from Lafayette, Louisiana and claim to have eight generations of Cajun cooking recipes to share with their customers. I’d be the judge of that.

Kate and I both had the Lunch Special, which is a choice of Po Boy, seafood or chicken/sausage gumbo, and beignets. The gumbo came first. It was delicious! Mine was not temperature hot and Kate’s was a little cold. But the flavor was real “New Orleans” good. After waiting a while for our Po Boys (we both got shrimp), they finally came. It was also very good. It wasn’t “falling off the plate, Check-in/Check-out” stuffed, but it was yummy. Finally, it was time for the beignets. YUMMY!

Overall, the taste of the food was very authentic. I would like to go back and try the jambalaya and see how that stacks up. The service today was slow, with our lunch taking two hours to eat. But I’ll attribute that to them being short-staffed. I give the food 4.5 stars.