The guys finished the deck yesterday, but today was the first time I got home in the daylight to take some pictures. I think it looks really good and based on the pictures I took, Hayden does too. I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough, but I think I came out great.

Bailey is still getting the hang of it. He likes to go outside on the second floor and take the stairs down to the backyard.  But, he seems to forget about the deck when it’s time to come in. He spends a lot more time outside, but then scratches on the downstairs sliding glass door. It’s only day two, but I hope he’s a quick learner.

I didn’t realize they were going to put lights in the stairs. They are on a timer (that I have directions for and still can’t figure out) and help to see getting down the stairs after dark. I can’t wait to have a party in the summer, with the lights on, cold beer (that I can drink), and good friends.

A view of the silo and pond from our new deck

A shot from inside our fence

From the hill behind the house