This might come as a huge shock to most, but I’m going to try to cloth diaper Jacob. I’ve been thinking about this and researching it for a long time. I’ve talked to friends who cloth diaper, I’ve read a bazillion websites about the pros and cons, and I have even called our daycare center to see if they would go along with this.

I’ve decided we will start with disposable in the beginning, for when we are getting used to having a newborn, and transition to the cloth diapers after a few weeks. Actually, I’m only going to buy cloth diaper covers that start at a slightly larger size, so once Jacob is big enough, we’ll try to make the move.

I’m going to get a few different kinds to try before I make the huge investment in buying enough for our needs. Hayden is also a little wary, so this trial period will give me time to show him all the good about it. I want to try Thirsties, FuzziBunz, and gDiapers. We might not even do cloth 100% of the time, but I feel like when we are home, we should try it. It will cut down on the amount of money we will spend on disposable diapers and we can use them for G Baby #2. I’m also really surprised the daycare is on board with this. I think it just shows how much cloth has changed and improved over the years.

Crazy? Maybe. Only time will tell. But how cute is this??