As of now, the Birthing Inn is only allowing three people to visit a new mom and baby. These three people, the baby daddy plus two others, will get a band that will allow them in. I asked if it was husband +any two people (for a total of only three visitors at a time). But no, it’s husband +same two people each time (so that not even all the grandparents can come in). Wow, what a dilemma for new moms! This is all because of the H1N1 scare now. My midwife said it used to be just the husband, so at least now I get two other visitors.

The hospital had put birthing inn tours on hold during the flu season, but they have just started offering those again. My hope is that February brought the tours back and by April I can have a room full of visitors if I want.

Maybe I should make the +2 a first come, first served type of thing…hehehehe 😉