I am so over this snow: snoverit! Apparently we got another 11 inches of snow since Tuesday afternoon. I haven’t been able to measure this snowfall because of the winds. We have had wind gusts up to 45 mph. The airports are closed again, the metro is only running underground, and even the snow plows have been taken off the roads at time because it’s too dangerous for them to be out there.

But what’s even worse? When they do the 5-day forecast they show snow showers again on Monday. They claim we only get 2-4 inches, but I thought this storm was going to be “small” too. I don’t believe them anymore. I’m hoping the government is closed again on Thursday. If this happens, since Friday is my flex day and Monday is President’s Day holiday, I will have been home for 11 days! I’m bored beyond belief, but not setting my alarm is fantastic!

Click “view all” above to see a few pictures from this storm.  Still can’t figure out this flash problem.