What a day! I’ve been off from work for 11 days because of all the snow. Today was my last day off and I was dreading setting the alarm again and actually having to go to work. But with all the dread, today was a “day of the baby.” Not sure why I started nesting today and not a week ago, but I have accomplished a lot.

First, mom (who has decided she wants to be called Gia…have I told you that?) realized the Babies R Us gift certificates we received for becoming “friends” on Facebook with BRU expire this weekend. I also had a ton of coupons from BRU that expire Saturday. I started calculating our savings on some of the big-ticket items from our registry, and Hayden and I decided I should go buy the breast pump. With the coupons and the gift certificates we were saving $62. And really, who else is going to buy me a breast pump? I sure as hell wouldn’t buy one for my friends!

I trudged to BRU in the snow for one of the most expensive items off the registry. Seriously, it wasn’t much cheaper than the CHAIR we register for. A breast pump…or a piece of furniture. Crazy. Anyway, I walked away with my fantastic bargain and some hangers for the clothes that have started to trickle into the house.

When I got home, I decided something needed to be hung on the hangers! So I started to do a little laundry. Seriously, I’ve never been so excited to do laundry in my life. We even have a “Kids” sanitary setting on our washer. I’ve read about all the chemicals that are on new clothes and it grosses me out. Now, I’m not one to wash my own clothes before wearing them, but Jacob’s? You bet your biffy!

The best loads of laundry ever!

After starting the first of three loads of laundry (someone at work gave me a bunch of hand-me-down clothes…that’s the only reason I have so many to wash), I put together the little bouncer I bought. It was also on my registry, and I had a coupon. I bought this earlier in the week and had to buy it because it is ALWAYS out of stock. There was one little box sitting on the shelf when I went looking, so I bought it (did I mention I had a coupon? Hayden, I saved us money!). Well, who would have thought one slim box would contain a bouncer that kicked my butt when putting it together. I do much better with directions that have words and not just pictures, but eventually I got it put together.

Bailey claiming the bouncer's cover as a bed

After the first load of laundry was finished, I put a crib sheet on the bare mattress, folded some adorable little onesies, and settled in for the night. I know the next few loads of laundry might not be as much fun, and one day I will hate doing this kid’s laundry. But today? It was a little piece of heaven.

Can you see my belly reflection in the door of the washer?

And Bailey? He knows something is up. I think I need to get a dog bed for Jacob’s room. Bailey needs a little place to call his own in that room too. We’ll be spending a lot of time in there really soon.

P.S. When I started to write this, I felt little Jacob hiccups for the first time! Too cute 🙂