As I was looking through the size of our baby throughout the pregnancy, I got a little worried.  Jacob started the size of a poppy seed but will end up the size of a pumpkin! Don’t worry, though…they say a “small” pumpkin. That makes me feel so much better.

So, for all the mommas out there, this is what BabyCenter says the baby is proportioned like:

I really hope he isn't this pointy!

But when I was searching for this picture, I came across a site I had forgotten about. When I found out I was pregnant I bought Hayden a pregnancy book recommended for soon-to-be fathers:  My Boys Can Swim. This was a quick read, and I looked through it before giving it to him. I had forgotten about the baby comparisons in this book.  According to this book, Jacob (between weeks 33 and 36) will resemble:

A 17 inch monitor? Of course, the size of our baby.

Yes, I get the visual of a pineapple, he gets a computer screen. Seems fair.