I was reading some posts on my favorite baby forum, and some moms had measured their bellies–just for fun. So, I got up and measured mine. I’m proud to say I’m 49 inches around at my belly button.

Then I started to research this. How tall is the average 3 year old? 4 year old? Well, according to two different sites, the average height for a 5-7 year old boy is about how big I am around. I find this hard to believe–am I really that big around?

Then my preggo brain woke up. At first I was thinking a 5 year old, stretched out, would be as big as my belly. I kept looking down at my stomach and trying to figure it out. Then it hit me: the kid would have to wrap himself AROUND my belly for it to make sense. Really, I’m only as thick as a kid who is about 25 inches tall. That kid would be between 3-6 months old. Now I feel better 🙂