Tomorrow, Hayden will be home in 33 days.  That means I’m due in 36 days. I hope this baby makes it at least 33.5 days. Today was my last day working a full week. Tomorrow is my flex day, and beginning next week I’ll only be working Tuesdays and Thursdays. Of the three work days I’m off, one day will be doctor/hospital visits, and two days will be Amy relaxing with her feet elevated to help with this crazy swelling. That, and taking it easy so that I don’t go into labor early.

I’ve been diagnosed with polyhydramnios. That’s just a fancy word for too much amniotic fluid. This is why I had an ultrasound at 32 weeks. My midwife wanted to make sure Jacob was swallowing and passing amniotic fluid like he should be: he was. Another cause is gestational diabetes: I’m free and clear. The final reason someone might have too much fluid is, as the medical community would say, idiopathic.  That is just a fancy word for, “We have no idea, but we will not say that…we will create a fancy sounding word so we sound smart.”

Beginning next week, I’ll go to my midwife each week. After my regular visit, I’ll have an ultrasound in the office. This will be to measure the amniotic fluid in the four quadrants of my belly. After the measurement, I’ll go across the street to labor and delivery and have a non-stress test. They will hook me up to two monitors: one to measure Jacob’s heartbeat and another to measure my contractions (if I’m having any). They want to measure his resting heart rate, his heart rate as he moves around, and then his resting heart rate again. Hopefully, everything will be okay and he can stay in my belly a little longer.

So, beginning next week, I’ll get to take it a little easier than I have been. It’s been hard to be home alone in the evenings. I get home from work around 7, take care of Bailey, make dinner, eat dinner, clean up from dinner, try to sleep. Wake up and repeat again the next day. Not only will I be working less, but my mom and dad come home next Friday. They can take care of their daughter!