Tomorrow, Jacob is officially two weeks old. Or, -1, if you ask my mom. He’s still one week away from his due date. Where has the time gone?

I know family and friends have been asking for pictures. I’ve really meant well; we take a million photos. It’s the uploading them to the computer and then to a sharing site that I have been lacking. I’m exhausted. I know everyone warned us about how tired we would be, but there really is no preparing for this. Our strategy works well–I stay up a little late and get the midnight or 2ish feeding in before passing out. Hayden gets up for the middle-of-the-night feeding and the “early morning” feeding (which to me, right now, is about 7am). Then, we lay in bed with Jacob until around 10. Nothing happens in this house before 10am.

Gotta run–my parents have been here a lot and have just finished making dinner. We wouldn’t eat without them helping and our friends who drop off dinner for us. It takes a village!