Hayden came home for his last R&R on Friday, June 25th. Jacob and I picked him up at the airport with the car packed to the gills with almost all of the necessities we would need for our road trip. I had to leave a few things at home so that the luggage Hayden brought with him would fit in the car.

Jacob and I always go into the airport to wait for his arrival. Well, this was technically Jacob’s first time in the airport, but when I was pregnant he was there too since he went everywhere with me ;). Waiting to see him is always hard. I check the clock a million times wondering when I’ll see him. And as soon as I see the tell-tale sign that he is coming around the bend, I can’t wipe the silly grin off my face. People around me must think I’m crazy. Girl, alone, smiling like she has a secret. And I do; I know I’ll see him within minutes.

Poor Hayden.  He had a 14ish hour flight home and then got into a car and we drove and drove and drove. The trip should have taken about 9 hours; it only took us 12. Three extra hours to feed Jacob doesn’t seem too bad. Overall, Jacob had a great road trip. He really is a trooper. We missed the rehearsal dinner and the trolley ride around town, but we were together, as a family, and that’s all that mattered.

Saturday we met up with Kate and walked around Savannah for about an hour. It was HOT and muggy. After a little time getting acquainted with the city, Mel and Bob called to say they were at the airport. Mel and Bob flew into Savannah to spend a week at Hilton Head with Mel’s family. Since they flew into Savannah, we made plans to meet up for lunch and a little sightseeing.

Lunch at Soho South Cafe

Saturday evening we had Steve and Julie’s wedding. Mel and Bob volunteered to watch Jacob for us during the ceremony so we could spend some time together. During the cocktail hour their ride to the beach arrived, so Jacob joined us for the dinner. The ceremony was beautiful. Julie’s dress was gorgeous and Steve was just beaming with happiness. After dinner, Kate watched Jacob so we could go on the Ghost Tour with the other people from the wedding. Jacob had his first two non-family member babysitters in the same day!

Sunday we woke up and started our drive to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We got on the road and stopped for breakfast with Janie and Ellis who made the trip up from Florida just to see us! The visit was great, but of course not long enough. I can’t wait until October when we can all spend a week together.

In Myrtle, our hotel was really nice. We had a one bedroom condo with a full kitchen, huge shower (with one of those “rain” shower heads), right on the beach and with three pools. Jacob’s first introduction to the pool didn’t go so well, but then I sat in the shallow end with him on my lap and he did better. It sure is different with kids…we went to the pool at 3pm and stayed one hour. Tuesday we got up early and after feeding Jacob, went straight to the beach. I think we lasted one hour there too! At first Jacob slept, but then he woke up and wasn’t happy. It was hot, so we went inside to cool off. Wednesday, after feeding Jacob, I went to the pool and left the boys upstairs. I actually read for pleasure (which I haven’t done since before I was pregnant) and spent some time alone.

Overall, Myrtle was great. We didn’t have a schedule. We were on Jacob’s schedule, which meant a lot of napping since he was on the go (and hot) the whole time we were in Georgia. We had time to decompress as a family. It was wonderful!