For some reason, and only recently, July 4th is my most favorite holiday! One tradition we have is to go to the dress rehearsal of “A Capitol 4th” on July 3rd. It’s the run through for the big televised celebration the next day. Since it is a dress rehearsal, some of the big named stars don’t think they need to be there. But the host is always there (Jimmy Smits for the past few years) and some of the other “talent.” This year we saw some people whose names I can’t remember and Reba McEntire.

This year it was only Hayden, Jacob, my mom, and me, but we had a blast. Jacob fell asleep when we first got there and took a long nap on the picnic blanket. He even slept through the test firing of the cannons! We had a little picnic and some great family time. This is one tradition I’ll miss when we move to Brazil. Something tells me they don’t do a big celebration on the 3rd or 4th of July there 🙂

Snoozing on the blanket

On July 4th we went to the Dvoranchik’s house for a BBQ. All four babies were there, dressed in their red, white, and blue. We drove to a nearby elementary school to watch the Herndon fireworks and Jacob loved them (okay, I think he looked once or twice and then fell asleep).

Ready for the big holiday

The boys putting the moves on the girls

Ava with her arm around Jacob

The best shot I could get of all 4 of them

Mommies and babies

Daddies and babies

Family portrait