I do. Exactly 365 days ago Hayden left for Afghanistan. At that time I was about eight weeks pregnant. We didn’t wait the customary 12 weeks before telling friends because we wanted him to be around for the announcement. One year ago today, actually about three hours ago exactly, I drove him to the airport and left alone.

What a difference a year makes. In seven days, he’ll be home. Now, Jacob and I will be here to welcome him. September and October are jammed packed, each weekend scheduled to the max. In October we go to Disney World with both of our families for a farewell vacation. At the end of November, we will be headed to Brazil.

In early 2007 if you would have told me I would be married, with a baby, and getting ready to move to another country in just three short years, I would have thought you were crazy. Taking stock of everything I have, all that I’ve had the chance to experience, with the most amazing husband by my side (and now the cutest little boy around), I’m ready for the next big adventure. What will next 365 days bring? It doesn’t matter–I’m ready for it–because Hayden will be there with me. I ♥ you, Babe!