Jacob’s daycare was closed on Friday so the teachers could get ready for the beginning of the new school year. With the four-day weekend, Mom and Dad asked if we wanted to join them on their trip to Williamsburg. Never one to pass up a good time, Jacob and I went along for the ride.

Mom booked a one-bedroom suite over the phone, but told Nadia that once she saw how cute Jacob was she would want to upgrade us to a two-bedroom suite.  Needless to say, we got a two-bedroom suite! (Yeah, Jacob!)  When we arrived on Friday we decided to go spend a few hours at Busch Gardens. Dad and I rode Europe in the Air which was a lesser version of Soarin’ at Disney. Nothing could really compare to Soarin’ since I love it so much, but this one was okay. Next we wanted to ride Griffon. Dad and I used to be huge roller coaster buffs, but after this ride, we decided we might be finished putting our bodies (and stomachs) through the torture. It was the last ride I rode all weekend!

We then watched a show in Ireland, took the SkyRide across the lands, and finished the day on the train. After spending only four hours there, we were exhausted. None of us remembered all the hills there!

On Saturday we went to Water Country USA. Since we had Jacob, and he has lily-white skin like his daddy, we didn’t think we would spend very long at the park. But, when we got there I realized they had cabanas available for the day. We got the last cabana and had a wonderful day. All my dad wanted to do was to go around the lazy river. I just wanted to relax and read a book while Jacob slept. We all got exactly what we wanted! There was even a small kiddie area where we took Jacob. He really enjoyed the water and “kicked, kicked, kicked” like he does in the bath.

After checking out of the hotel on Sunday, we headed back to Busch Gardens. We got to the park just as the Sesame Forest of Fun show was starting. We had front row seats to see Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster (and other characters I don’t remember from childhood) sing and dance. After the show, Jacob and I got our pictures taken with Bert and Ernie and with Big Bird. Mom wanted to see a few more shows and ride Escape from Pompeii. She and dad got pretty wet while Jacob and I waited to take their picture–see, mom isn’t really one for rides at an amusement park. She’ll only do the log flume type rides.

After the rides we had lunch at Das Festhaus for the “This is Oktoberfest” show. Jacob really enjoyed the show and was being his cute self. We then jumped on the River Boat cruise and one last trip on the SkyRide before leaving. Our “quick” stop before heading home lasted about five hours.

We are all tired, but we had a great time. The weather was just wonderful and the parks were fun. It was a great way to spend the last weekend of summer.