Jacob has his hypospadias correction surgery this morning. He had to have his last meal four hours before the surgery, which meant a 3:30am wake up.  Poor guy (and mommy and daddy)…he didn’t understand why he had to wake up to eat. We had to report to the hospital at 6:30 am and were called back around 7. Jacob had to put on the hospital “gown” which also consisted of pants.  Why do only the walking patients have to be humiliated with gowns that open in the back?  Where are our pants?

The anesthesiologist came in to talk to us and explained Jacob would be put under general anesthesia and have another drug administered:  Carbocaine.  Carbocaine is a local anesthetic, much like an epidural. This will help numb his lower body and the anesthesiologist can give him a lower dose of the general anesthesia.

Dr. Gibbons will perform the surgery, which should take 2-3 hours. Meanwhile, I brought all the electronic devices I think might keep me busy and preoccupied until the Dr. comes out to tell us how the surgery went.  Dad and Hayden are also here, with mom standing by her phone while she’s at work.

Hayden also laughed at me because I packed a few bags for this trip. Jacob has his blanket, his favorite toy, his animal book, and I brought my iPOD with the Signing Time CD on it.  This is our magic CD. When he’s getting fussy in the car, we just put the CD on.  He immediately quiets down to listen to it. And of course, to play the iPOD I brought our Bose speaker system…only the best for my little guy. I imagine I’ll be signing and singing to him in recovery so that he has something familiar to help him cope.

I’ll update again after the surgery, when Jacob is settled and we are less anxious.

Getting dressed

Tie me up, Mommy!

The pants were a little long, but he was pretty cute in them!