I had been looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch since it was first suggested well over two months ago. I wanted to find a great outfit for Jacob–one that would photograph well with the fall colors. Getting a pumpkin was going to be fun, but dressing up the babies and taking pictures was what I really wanted to do.

We had brunch at Ana’s house, then headed out to Great Country Farm. Along with all the babies and their parents, Ava’s grandparents were there, Lucas’ cousins came, Colleen and Aaron came, and Jacob’s grandparents were there too.  There were about 16 adults and about seven kids.  We rode a wagon out to the pumpkin patch where we took a bunch of pictures and picked out pumpkins. Back at the farm there were animals to pet, pigs to race, slides to slide down, and moon bouncers to jump in. I’m just a little sad that this can’t become our family tradition…yet. Maybe we can pick it back up as a tradition when we return to the US.