Our little monkey!



On the Friday before Halloween, Jacob’s daycare center had a Fall Festival.  The older kids decorated their classrooms, went through a “not so scary” haunted house, and pigged out on pizza.  Everyone was supposed to dress up and there was going to be a parade around the building to show off the costumes.

I got off work early and was so excited because this was the first “real” thing we were doing at Jacob’s “school.”  I know there will be many more to come, but to say at work, “I have to go to my son’s Fall’s Festival” was just a neat experience. My mom and dad came too, so little J had four adults to hang out with him.

At first they said the babies wouldn’t participate in the parade because it was a little cold. Jayde’s mom was there–and we said the babies had to be in the parade! I have to say, they were the best part of the parade.  They were so cute!