On 14 November I surprised Hayden with a hot air balloon ride. Actually, he wasn’t surprised that morning when we had to get up at 3:30; I already told him why we had to wake up. We dropped Jacob off at my parents’ house–who had babysat the night before so we could go out to dinner. Thankfully they love us and Jakey, so all the time together was welcomed.

We met in the Wal-Mart parking lot in the dark. We finally saw the van that would carry us to the launch site. It took all of us to set up the balloon for the ride (well, I was in charge of taking a lot of pictures!) and then we were off. The ride lasted about 30 minutes and carried us over the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was beautiful.

The landing…well that’s another story! It was rough, but exciting. We hit at about 13 mph, bounced, bounced, bounced, then turned on our side. I was smashed between the basket and Hayden, but it was amazing! Definitely something I would do again.

The last picture in this set is actually the video of us landing. It’s pretty good viewing!