It is such a treasure to have my grandparents so close. Seeing them with Jacob is precious. It is amazing to see four generations together laughing and reminiscing about the past. We drove up to Staten Island, NY on a Friday and stayed through Sunday afternoon.

For Christmas, Jacob got a Caterpillar dump truck! This amazing toy came with mega blocks, a small little Bobcat-like front loader, and the dump truck. He can walk behind the truck, ride on the truck, put all his toys in the truck, and stick the Mega blocks all over it. He loves it! It’s his first “big boy” toy. He’s at the stage where he likes to pull himself up and stand, and the truck is the perfect height.

On Saturday we went into Manhattan. We didn’t want to drive, so we took the Staten Island Ferry and then the subway. Jacob had a great time on both (and smiled for all the pictures we insisted on taking). We met up with mom’s friend Eileen and her daughter (who lives in the city) and with Donna and Matt who were visiting the city for the weekend. It’s wonderful when we travel out-of-town and can still meet up with friends.

After lunch with all of our vacationing friends, Hayden and I went to the Lion King. WOW! It was amazing. We heard the costumes are outstanding, but we still weren’t ready for what we saw. The singing was great, the costumes were great, and even though the audience had a lot of kids in it, they were very well-behaved. While we were at the show, Jacob and mom went to China Town and to Little Italy.

It was a short weekend away, but the time with family was great.