It all started on 31 December…

Picture this: Jacob hanging out on the couch with a 2-year-old girl named Ella. Jacob starts to reach his hand out to her; she moves away. Jacob throws himself on all fours and stares at her. Finally, she gets close enough to have her picture taken with him when Jacob tries to land a wet one on her! As an older woman, she was a little faster than he was. He just missed kissing her, but he sure was close!

Kissing is his new “thing.” We got an incident report from daycare last week because he hit his head…three times. How? He was trying to kiss himself in the mirror and kept banging his head. In the bath tub he has found his reflection in the overflow cover. He scoots himself over to it and gives himself kisses. We have a picture book for babies that can hold 4×6 pictures. We put pictures of family in it and sure enough, he gives everyone in the book kisses. Who can blame him for trying to kiss a cute blonde on the couch with him on New Year’s Eve?!

On the morning of 1 January we were lazily hanging out in the family room. Jacob had Hayden’s Kettle Bell in sight and started crawling, FORWARD, toward it! Up until now, he has only crawled backward or has scooted around to get where he needed to go. Since he can get where he needs to, we didn’t think he would find the need to actually crawl. But today he did.

But he didn’t stop there; he pulled himself up to standing using the couch. And while playing with Hayden, he stood unassisted for a few seconds before falling. All of these are huge changes from just a week ago. We could tell he was close to moving around, but didn’t realize it would all happen in such a short period of time.

Speaking of changing by leaps and bounds…our little guy is also signing three words. His first word was “milk,” which he used about two weeks ago. Since then he has started signing “dog” and now he signs “eat.” When he signs eat and we sign it back asking if he is hungry, we usually get some lip smacking and some excited feet moving around. He’s growing so fast!

Here are some pictures of his kissing stage for your enjoyment…