The weekend after Hayden’s birthday was when we celebrated with family and friends. We hosted people in our house and had a catering duo cook up some yummy food. I think I’ve been spoiled; I’m not sure I’ll ever cook for a party again! Our menu was crab bites, min steak and gorgonzola cheese sandwiches, chicken calzones, and spinach and artichoke dip. To that menu I added some meatballs and mom brought some black bean hummus. To celebrate in style, Liz made TWO cakes! Of course, one had a 4 on it and the other had a 0 on it!

With the ladies to serve, refill, and clean up the food, it left a lot of time for Hayden and me to actually talk with our guests. Jacob’s buddy Lucas was able to come and I got to see Jakey-Jake in action with a kid his age. What are they teaching him in day care?! The boys were very “hands-on” with each other, as you’ll see from some of the pictures.