This weekend we celebrated Jacob’s birthday with the family. Mom, Dad, and Kate came over for lunch, then we headed to the National Zoo. It was a chilly day in DC and many of the animals were hiding. We were limited to the animals in the indoor habitats: snakes, frogs, turtles, alligators, and apes. There were a few outdoor cats and one elephant, but no pandas.

After the zoo we headed back to our house again where Adam joined us. We sang Happy Birthday to Jacob and gave him his small smash cake to eat. At first, he was absolutely confused. He stuck his fingers in the icing a few times, but he wouldn’t put it in his mouth. Finally, I used a fork to cut the cake up a little.  THEN he got the picture and started eating it. He was still smearing icing all over his high chair and his face, but some of the cake was actually making it in his mouth.

We cleaned him up and cut into the duck cake. Personally, I liked the chocolate on chocolate “practice” cake I made last weekend better than this cake with the white icing. But, I don’t think the chocolate frosting would have turned yellow as easily as the white icing! I must say, it was a good looking duck. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many close up pictures of the duck–he even had eyebrows!

After we ate cake for dinner, Jacob started on his presents. He got some clothes, two phones (a land line and a cell phone), a few books, and a Cozy Coupe. It was a good day!

Tuesday we’ll open presents from our family who live out-of-town and a few other presents we reserved for him. He has another “birthday” onesie for Tuesday too for daycare. Next Saturday is the Big Celebration with all four of the babies (and another outfit!)…and more pictures!

This turning one thing is a big deal.