I’ve been signing with Jacob since he was about four months old. At first, he signed milk, then all done, then eat, then bath, and finally want. But as he would start to sign a new word, he’d stop signing the other words: he’s a one word kind of guy. Lately, he’s been signing bath, all done, and want regularly.

But yesterday he started doing something I didn’t recognize. He will make a noise while flapping his hand in front of his mouth. I kept thinking they taught him a song at school that had hand motions–then Hayden identified it. He was signing duck and quacking like we do as we sign it! Now he’ll sign it when we ask him about ducks or when we quack. It’s really cute, but of course he won’t perform when we try to video tape it.

Also tonight, Hayden was on the floor and Jacob kept walking around him. He wanted a travel case of wipes to play with and Hayden kept moving it to the other side of his body. Jacob walked back and forth for a while when I finally said, “Say please.” He immediately started signing please! This is so exciting to me because I haven’t even really signed please much with him; I’m focusing more on thank you. But there is a Signing Time song that has please in it, and we sing it all the time. So he did that on his own! He signed it a few more times, but more over his belly than over his chest. Hayden was trying to get him to sign it over his chest when I had to remind him Jacob was only 1 and signing please over his belly would have to do for now…he’s learning manners 🙂