After the crazy busy weekend we had, Jacob didn’t want Monday to go by without something exciting. It was time to get his haircut. While I loved the little curls that were starting to grow, it was getting a little unruly around his ears.

We went to the barber my dad goes to when he comes back from overseas trips looking like a wooly mammoth. A friend also takes her son there, so I was hoping they were well versed in little kid haircuts. When we first arrived I asked Hayden to go in and ask if they would cut a baby’s hair. I’ve never been in a barber shop before, so I have no idea how the work. As a mom to a boy, I know I’ll be in them more often, but this was  first. Here you take a number when you arrive; in the salons I go to you have an appointment 🙂

We went in and Julia set up the chair. Hayden sat in the chair and Jacob sat on his lap. They both had capes, but I have to say Jacob’s was cuter! Overall, he did really well. He didn’t cry, but I did get some looks as if he was saying, “Mom, get me out of here!”