Two months since an update. I’ve been chastised by family and friends. So much has happened…where do I begin?!

Let’s skip ahead to the most recent happenings:  Jacob and his cousin Charles met for the first time. Despite what it looks like in the pictures, they are nine months apart. Jacob is a peanut and Charles is a big boy like his dad was as a baby. And, I promise, we didn’t even plan the outfits:

Look at our cool chairs!

We're pretty cute, huh?

One of my favorite! No one's looking at the camera.

Okay, and a real one 🙂

Other than the cousins meeting, in reverse chronological order: we celebrated an early Independence Day, went to the community pool, played in a small baby pool in our front yard while Dad washed the car, got a new chair to watch Signing Time in, went to Tennessee to see Hayden’s family, and received all the photos from Jacob’s one year photo shoot.  I promise, when it isn’t pushing my bedtime, I’ll update with photos from the events above.