When I finally logged in tonight, I realized I’ve been gone so long WordPress has made changes. Things are updated, there are shortcuts. I’m having to learn this all again.

When I first started keeping the blog it was to update family and friends about my life, specifically my pregnant life, when Hayden and my parents were out of the country and Hayden’s family was states away. I kept everyone updated on my growing belly, on my fears and triumphs of being the Stateside spouse, and everything in between. This pregnancy everyone is here and so I haven’t felt the need to document it all. I guess this is what happens the second time around. Everyone has stories of the older siblings with baby books, only be the youngest with nothing to show from her childhood (this isn’t me of course; I’m the oldest and thus have a baby book). I swore my kids would have it differently, but let’s just say I’m not off to a good start if poor G Baby #2 is already about seven months behind in the photo category.

I’ve recently joined Pinterest. A little behind the masses, but still earlier than some of my other friends. I’ve found a lot of “to do” items and “oh, that’s a great idea” items.  And I found the “I’m starting this immediately item.” A Photo-a-day project. Yes, it’s January 14 and I’m already behind. But I read there will be ups and downs over the year and that I should always just stick with it. So I’m taking that attitude and beginning now.

I will try to update with narratives at times (and especially after G Baby #2 is here) but for the most part I will post my Photo of the Day with a short caption each day. At the end of the year, I’ll have an easy to put together Annual for Jacob and for G Baby #2. So maybe that means there will be two pictures a day…or most days as sometimes I image both kiddos will appear in the same shot.

So here goes…and I have all of you to keep me posting.