I started having Braxton Hicks contractions on Monday night. They continued through Tuesday, reaching six in one hour while I was at work. I called my midwives’ office and was told to go home until I could be seen by a midwife. I had all the signs of preterm labor on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday I was on bed rest…and I behaved. I only cooked dinner both nights, but didn’t hold my little helper, Jacob, much at all. The contractions stopped.

I saw one of the midwives, Margie, on Thursday. She explained there was a test that could tell us if it was preterm labor, or just an overactive uterus. So, I completed the fetal fibronectin test and waited–the results wouldn’t be in until Friday afternoon. Doctors put a lot of faith in a negative result–meaning there is no sign I will go into labor in the next week or two. She did explain, however, that a positive result isn’t really reliable, but if it were positive I would be on immediate bed rest and have steroid injections to prepare Baby G’s heart for a possible delivery. But, delivery could either be imminent or could still be weeks away.  Thankfully, when the call came, the nurse told me it was negative.

So, back to work on Monday I go. I’m very thankful Baby G is sticking around a little longer. She’s only 29 weeks and not ready for this world…nor are we ready for her arrival! Even though her delivery isn’t imminent, I think I need to start buying some girl clothes!

Thank you to everyone who was worried about us and kept us in your prayers, called, sent texts, FB messages, and came by to visit.