Today’s picture is brought to you by Hayden. This was the sunrise from our back deck.

Today Jacob stayed home from school with suspected pink eye. We took mom to the dr. for her to get clearance to drive again and he was a little angel. We then went to see the dr. for Jacob, where we got the pink eye confirmation, but were told he was at the tail end of the nasty cold he has been suffering from. I think he’ll go to school tomorrow, but we’ll see how he feels in the morning. Then, Hayden and I raced (well…Jacob and I had ice cream, then Hayden and I raced) to the midwives where we learned Harper is breech. I swear she turned on the drive over there–and took half my insides with her. Finally, we were back at mom’s house for dinner. Poor Jacob slept for a total of two hours today and not in a row. As can be expected, he fell asleep on the way home. So, long story short, you get a sunrise picture instead of a Jacob picture today!