On Saturday, my mom hosted a baby shower for me. The turnout was great–a wonderful group of close friends and family. We now have so many little girl outfits–I’ve been (happily) doing loads and loads of laundry.

Today, Hayden told me his office gave him a small gift for Harper. He came home with a footed sleeper, a package of onesies, and an amazingly large gift certificate to Babies R Us.

Also today, I went to a “meeting” in the conference room only to be surprised with a baby shower from my coworkers. There were owl decorations, plates of cheese made to resemble an owl (amazing!) and cupcakes that looked like an owl. Along with the food and decorations, there were also presents. More pink clothes, some rattles and teethers, almost everything off our Target registry, and another amazingly large gift certificate to Target.

Hayden and I are so blessed to be surrounded by people who genuinely share in our joy of bringing another little one into the world. I’m humbled and amazed to look around and see all the love. I’ve been with the same office for about three years–and while a few people have come and gone over the years, it is mostly staffed with the same people. During that time my office has celebrated with me when I married Hayden (surprise shower), when I was pregnant with Jacob (surprise shower), and now again when I’m pregnant with Harper. I truly feel like I’m a part of a family there–and that’s rare in this world.

Thank you all for everything–for all the love and support.