Hayden and I went to my 37 week appointment today. For the record, I only made it to 36 weeks 6 days with Jacob, so this is the most pregnant I’ve EVER been. An external exam reaffirmed what I already knew: Harper’s still breech. We had a sonogram anyway, just to really, really confirm what we already knew (and quietly pray on the way to the next exam room that she would flip). During the course of the visit I said three words that didn’t make my midwife happy: “less fetal movement.” So, after the sonogram, we headed over to the Birthing Inn for a non-stress test to make sure everything was okay.

After an hour, another midwife came in to read my results: everything was fine. She was a little delayed in coming to see us because she was delivering a baby. We chatted briefly about that baby girl and she mentioned she delivered another baby girl this morning…named…Harper! WHAT? She and the nurse were so surprised when I said that was our baby girl’s name. They assured us there aren’t many Harpers at all (but seriously, we named our son Jacob, so we aren’t that hung up on NOT using a popular name). So Harper, you can’t be born today because Paula already delivered another Harper!