I didn’t get to see my Jacob today. He went to daycare, then to Gia and Papaw’s house. Hayden went home tonight to bring some normalcy back into Jacob’s life. Tomorrow is discharge day, so Harper and I will also be home tomorrow.

Harper’s bilirubin levels were a little elevated, and since we are leaving tomorrow, they wanted to get her on some preventive care before things got out of hand. Hayden left around 7:30 this morning to bring Jacob to daycare, and came back to our glow-worm baby. Harper’s on a biliblanket for the day. We have to move it from her chest to her back with each feeding. She doesn’t seem to mind too much…except when it’s on her stomach. The light will harm her eyes, so when it’s on her stomach she has to wear her “super hero glasses” as we call them. My poor baby! I just hope we can be discharged tomorrow…and not have to rent a biliblanket for use at home.

Our glow-worm baby

Her super hero glasses

The newest fashion trend