Today we had to get Harper’s bilirubin levels checked again to see if we needed to continue with the biliblanket. That meant an early morning trip back to the hospital and then a follow up appointment with our pediatrician. Mom said she and Dad could take Jacob to Gymboree to keep him occupied and to keep up his normal routine. Well, Dad wasn’t feeling well, so Mom took Jacob alone.

Harper’s levels only went up a little, but not enough to worry about, so we are off the biliblanket. Yeah!

Mom spent the day here helping us out, then went home and whipped up dinner for us. She came back in the evening to eat with us and help us clean up. Between her and Hayden, my only job has been feeding Harper (which is a full time job since she eats every.freaking.hour).

Thanks Mom…or Gia…or Ama (as Jacob has been calling her recently–we have no idea where that came from)!