Hayden went to pick up Jacob from school today around 3:45 to go to open gym at Gymboree. They were celebrating a birthday with cupcakes at 4:00…and all the kids knew it. Jacob was less than thrilled to leave school before the cupcake eating. Even though he took the cupcake home, he was not happy at Gymboree. Hayden said the whole way there he just kept saying, “NO! Home with Momma and Harper.” When they got home, Jacob ate the cupcake in the garage–he couldn’t even wait to get upstairs. This is how he walked in the door!

Jacob also wakes up every morning calling for someone–usually me. While we were in the hospital, he called for Papaw a few mornings. This morning he woke up calling for Harper! I think he’s going to be a great big brother. He loves that girl!